Shipping & FAQ

This is not a shop.

All items are being made available at cost price - and we are charging only to cover cost of printing and shipping the material.


We can ship across NSW, VIC, ACT and TAS only for now.

Shipping is calculated based on the weight of the books you order:

Under 5Kg: $10 -> anything above that is an additional $10 per 5kg.

Shipping is done twice a week, so you can expect your item approximately 3-4 days after order. With time we will be able to get orders through faster.

Pick up: We do not offer pick up from the warehouse. However, friends can choose to pick books up from designated pick up points in Victoria (Park Orchards) or NSW (Sydney Bahai Centre). If you wish to pick up, do not place an order on this website, instead please contact the relevant site co-ordinators. You will be able to pay electronically as well, via a different portal. 


Pre publications

Certain books require training and are not able to be purchased immediately on the site. For these we ask that you email and we will put you in touch with the appropriate coordinator / ABM that can train you and make the book available for you. 

Books that fall into this category are:

  • Ruhi Book 3: Grade 2
  • Ruhi Book 3: Grade 3
  • Ruhi Book 9
  • Ruhi Book 10

Large orders:

If you are ordering more than 20kg of books or more than 50 of a single book (e.g 50xBook 5) please email and we will organise a custom order (shipping cost may be less).