Ruhi Book 3: Teaching Childrens Classes Grade 3 (pre-publication)

Book 3 Grade 3 is only available in Unit 2. Please note this book is not for purchase from the store, as training is required prior to the use of this material. Please email and we will place you in touch with the appropriate training personnel.

This book, which builds on the experience gained in Book 3 in teaching classes for the spiritual education of children, is intended for those interested in pursuing this highly meritorious path of service. It presents an opportunity for participants to reflect on their first year in conducting a children’s class and offers lessons for the second grade of an educational program inspired by the Bahá’í teachings. Also included in the book is a collection of songs for use in educational activities with children. Recordings of the songs can be downloaded by clicking here. 

childrens classeschildrens classesCourses in the area of child education will form a specialized branch in the Ruhi Institute’s series, which will train teachers of Bahá’í children’s classes for grade two and upwards and will become progressively more complex in nature. It is envisioned that, upon their completion of this specialized branch, teachers will have acquired a substantial amount of knowledge about the field of education in general and will have developed fairly sophisticated skills related to lesson planning and classroom management.


Book 3 Grade 3 only contains unit 2. Please note that individuals that like to utilise this book will require training beforehand and will not able to be purchased immediately on the site.Please email and we will put you in touch with the appropriate coordinator / ABM that can train you and make the book available for you.